The Gundam universe launches the Colony Connection challenge at Model Expo Italy

When static modelling teams up with space age technology, the only possible outcome is an event full of ideas and activities sharing a passion for the Gundam Saga.

In the eagerly-awaited space set up by Gruppo Italiano Appassionati Gundam – GIAGUN, visitors to Model Expo Italy will be able to try their hand at Colony Connection, an original board game which Gundam enthusiasts and the merely curious of all ages can play. A challenge for two players, with fast and exciting dynamics where strategy determines the winner.
First rule: be ready to travel into the terrestrial sphere of the Universal Century.

There will also be the unmissable display of Gunpla scale models inspired by the Gundam series and produced by Japanese giant Bandai, as well as continuous showings of cartoons subtitled by fans!

True experts will have the chance to test their skills by competing in a quiz with many prizes to be won, and there will be continuous events throughout the show with demonstrations of dry assembly of Gundam models.

There will also be an opportunity to ask questions and discover many interesting curiosities, dispelling every doubt and ensuring full understanding of every episode of the Saga, without forgetting that all visitors will be able to seek assembly advice or ideas for creating dioramas, choice of materials or comparisons of the best tools to use.

And, of course, everyone can join the great family of Gundam fans!

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