VERONA - 17/18 MARCH 2018

The fair


The 14th edition of Model Expo Italy, the most important national event on modelling and games will be held Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 March 2018.

There will be 6 topical areas on the main modelling sectors (model cars, model aircraft, model trains, static models, model ships and a special area) which, besides presenting the latest developments in earthmoving equipment, high speed trains driven from a smartphone, drones, dioramas and slot cars, will be livened up with competitions and shows thanks to the cooperation of the main national modelling associations.

In the outdoor areas the exhibitions of combustion motor cars returns with national gatherings and then there is the more extensive model aircraft section with the usual indoor area and a schedule of exhibitions of the latest models of helicopters, airplanes and drones.

Thanks to the cooperation of the Associazione Modellismo & Storia DLF (DLF Modelling and History Association) of Pontassieve (FI), historically always present at Model Expo Italy, Pavilion 6 with its model ships becomes the point of attraction for all historic ship enthusiasts with models that range from sailing boats to caravels and galleons.

The partnership of the Think Comics Association with Games District, is resumed in a format entirely dedicated to games in all their forms, from videogames to cosplay, the latter being an increasingly popular trend in our country.

The LEGO Area is the result of the cooperation between IT LUG-LEGO User Group, CLV LUG and many AFOL-Adult Fan Of LEGO, this new section offers a larger exhibition area hosting a number of historic monuments, a diorama of 22 sqm, Castle, Pirates, the DC and Marvel super heroes and many others of the luckier subjects of the historic Danish company.


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