Model Expo Italy on track with Black Panthers and two eagerly-awaited Mini 4WD races

Have you ever watched a real Mini 4WD race? Model Expo Italy (4-5 September 2021) will give you the chance to witness one thrilling challenge after another. Ready, Set, Go!

Mini 4WDs are model racing cars developed in Japan in the 1980s. The characteristics of these models are extremely precise: they are 1/32 scale cars, with all-wheel drive powered by 2 AA batteries – yet the best known feature is unquestionably the absence of a steering system.

The first day of the event will see Italian champions and their respective teams (CISE) compete, while on Sunday visitors will be able to attend the Italian National Final in the JUMP category where several racers will compete in truly exciting jumps.

As the association regulations indicate, in these competitions “it is not merely about being the fastest but also knowing how to use good set-up techniques; it is not simply a challenge with other racers but also with yourself, while always maintaining a spirit of fair play.

Experts, race judges and champions will be on hand to meet enthusiasts and curious visitors to answer questions and share a few stories (and even some tiny secrets).
Not to be missed!

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