Gunpla Builders Veneto: when technology meets passion, modelling becomes art

Passion meets technology and the appointment is at the next edition of Model Expo Italy, where Gunpla Builders Veneto will hold live demos for all visitors highlighting the perfect combination of a 3D printer and the creation of scale models inspired by the famous Gundam series of the early 1980s.

How can a 3D print become a perfect scale representation of a Gunpla? On this occasion, a painter will give life to the models by giving every detail just the right colour.

Yet the activities ready to welcome young and old alike by no means end here: there will be an extensive display of Gunpla models, which enthusiasts will be able to observe close up, together with demonstrations, demos and tutorials on modelling techniques and, lastly, an enjoyable educational laboratory and a treasure hunt.

Designed for visitors aged 3 and over, the educational workshop focuses on manual skills and the use of brushes. The intention is to help everyone rediscover the great feeling of getting their hands dirty and giving free rein to creativity.

And for people who can’t resist a challenge, there is a truly enjoyable treasure hunt: who will win the prize for being first to complete the puzzle with the Gunpla Builders Veneto logo?

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