Full-immersion in the world of colourful building bricks with CLV Lego User Group

Is there anyone who doesn’t know about or never played with Lego?

These miniature, colourful building bricks are very much more than a just toy. Lego is backed up by history, passion and a community that brings millions of enthusiasts together from all around the world.

And again this year, Model Expo Italy will welcome CLV with more than 6,000 sq.m. of exhibition space, filling the Brick Arena with a multitude of colours and creations.

The Group brings together 32 LUGs and associations officially recognized by Lego, for a total of 220 registered exhibitors attending the Show.

Enthusiasm over attending Model Expo – especially this year – is immense! This is not merely an exhibition of structures, projects or assembled sets but of work and passion involving people for whom these events are an opportunity to meet, discuss and exchange advice.

Visitors and all AFOLs taking part in the event will have the chance to admire various creations based entirely or partially on iconic Lego building bricks. Gruppo Gattoncini will present a faithful reproduction of the Palladian Basilica in Vicenza in 1:43 scale involving more than 60,000 Lego bricks.

This project involved over 18 months of work and 15 different Lego construction enthusiasts worked on it. The most complex part to reproduce was the roof shaped like an upside-down ship’s hull.

Mirko Soppelsa will take us into the world of Star Wars with his exclusive MOC AR-PROJECT-SB00601-Strength and Balance in UCS scale of the AT-RT reconnaissance walker with 501 livery.

Andrea Montuori will accompany us to the East with a fantastic MOC reproducing Japanese armour that can be completely worn in accordance with the authentic samurai dressing rite. This work is complete with a Katana sword with handle binding made using over 51m of Lego string intertwined with a macramé knot. More than 18,000 pieces used for 2 years of work in total!

Yet there are many more MOCs in the Brick Arena! Gruppo Emilia Bricks will exhibit a very special farm-themed MOC, implemented with amazing care and attention to detail!

All visitors, especially children, will also be able to take part in an exciting football match. However, it is not a classic match! The players are cute Lego robots which can be controlled remotely directly using a smartphone without having to download a particular application: simply use the dedicated web-app! This project is the outcome of work by Team 3 DM, where AFOL Denis Da Lan is a member. The goal is to involve the public in the Group’s activities!

The central portion of the large exhibition area will allow visitors to admire a brand new community diorama with a city theme which involved several creators simultaneously. The work has an unusual Y shape, and will certainly not go unnoticed!

There will also be many surprises and completely unexpected news! Many other works depicting scenarios, monuments or aspects of everyday life will be on show – and here is an exclusive preview of a large diorama (8.50 m x 2.50m) with an entirely Wild West theme!

The technical area will again be supported by a Talk area with many appointments scheduled on Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 March. During these meetings, all kinds of speaker will present the theme of the role of Lego in an educational and therapeutic context for children.

Author Massimiliano Battaglia will present his book and talk about his decades of experience as a Lego builder.

Angelo Brugnoli will accompany the youngsters who took part this year in the selections for the First Lego League, a world science and robotics competition involving teams of children aged 9 to 16. Young Lego fans will share their experience and challenges these teams had to face during the competitions.

And, of course, they will be no shortage of games and entertaining activities involving visitors and registered AFOLs: from the course about applying stickers, to the “AFOL Videoquiz” quiz for example!

The Brick Arena at Model Expo will be packed with new features this year! There will be many surprises, things to do and works that visitors will discover over the two days of the event.

The AGSM AIM Group is the main partner of the event.

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