Discovering Scale G railway models with Gruppo Amici della Scala G

Launched in 2013 thanks to the passion of its founding members, the Amici della Scala G association today has 116 members throughout Italy and is the only Italian model railway club working in Scale G (hence its name).

For more than six editions, the group has presented large Scale G model railways at Model Expo Italy, the largest ever! This scale is based on creating models having a 1:22 ratio and for this reason these trains are also defined as “Garden” models, given their large dimensions.

The topic chosen for Model Expo Italy 2022 is America: all the landscapes, locomotives, waggons, cabins, stations and infrastructures are faithful reproductions of the typical features found in North America.In detail, Amici della Scala G will present scale G railway models reproducing some of the largest trains in the world: the Big Boy locomotive and the Challenger, for example! The locomotive alone boasts an overall length of 2 metres, while the entire train convoy is 22 metres long!

The trains will run over a route more than 70 metres long, crossing typical landscapes of the continent. Model Expo Italy 2022 will offer visitors the opportunity to discover these huge railway models and enjoy close-ups of a unique model railway reality in Italy! Some of the models on display are also faithful reproductions of old steam trains and visitors will discover how the circulation of live steam in locomotives operates, exactly as happens in the real trains reproduced!

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