Deciphering encrypted messages with IPMS Italia

IPMS (International Plastic Modellers Society) brings together all fans of plastic modelling from Italy and elsewhere. The objective of this group is to promote model making through initiatives and events designed to attract an ever wider audience.

Model Expo Italy 2022 once again sees IPMS continue its commitment to promoting modelling culture by setting up a full scale school for young people attending the event.

All visitors will also have the opportunity to admire a faithful reproduction of a classic Enigma teleprinter, used by the German army during the Second World War. What exactly was it? Enigma was a machine capable of creating and deciphering secret codes, and was used by the Germans to exchange strategies and information in a completely secure and above all secret way.

The code that this machine is capable of processing is still one of the most effective and compelling cryptographic systems. Some scholars even claim that if it had not been broken, it would have allowed Germany to win the Second World War.

The reproduction brought to Model Expo by IPMS faithfully follows all the details of the original with the utmost care. All the more, the teleprinter is fully functional and can be used to compose encrypted codes.

The event will also be an opportunity to hold a national meeting for all modelling enthusiasts, which will also welcome many international guests.

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