An invasion of Gunpla led by Nhomad and Gunpla Builders Veneto at Model Expo Italy

Ever since 1979, the Gunpla in the Gundam series have conquered entire generations of enthusiasts. They are now preparing to fill the exhibition halls of Veronafiere once again during Model Expo 2022.

Welcome back to Nhomad Group – New Horizon Model Art Display! Visitors will be able to see and admire a huge exhibition of the most fascinating Gunpla models. Complete with shields, swords, weapons and majestic armour, these futuristic warriors have been reproduced with the utmost care and detail by enthusiasts of the Nhomad group, both dry and/or with subsequent re-colouring.

Would you like to find out how these models are assembled and decorated? Adults and children will have the chance to do so in person thanks to the workshops and educational activities in the programme.

In addition to admiring and scrutinising close-up an impressive display of Gunpla, visitors will also be able to: find out what the assembly kits contain, learn how to use the various tools supplied in a kit, discover how the models are painted and re-painted, not the least by using an airbrush.

Model Expo Italy also welcomes back the Gunpla Builders Veneto Group with a fine display of Gunpla models and much more: military vehicles, figures, busts, iconic 1980s cartoon characters and a great many monsters!

Visitors will have the opportunity to become involved in various activities. All children will be able to take part in workshops where they will learn how to decorate and colour a model of their choice, which will then be given to them as a gift reminding them of a fantastic day. These workshops will also allow visitors to discover all the painting techniques used by model makers, starting with brushes and various other tools.

Yet activities don’t end here. Gunpla Builders Veneto will offer everyone the opportunity to see how a new model is conceived and designed, starting from the development of the 3D project on a computer and subsequent three-dimensional printing using a full-scale 3D resin printer.

Model making does not only involve assembling the component pieces provided in an assembly kit but is the outcome of a much more complex process, which requires passion and constant dedication!

It will also be possible during the event to discover all the features of a diorama. The Gunpla Builders Veneto Group will show everyone taking part the origins of these static reproductions, their functions and the construction techniques used to make them.

Model Expo Italy is the perfect opportunity to join the fantastic Gundam world. New enthusiasts , thanks to the activities in the programme, will be able to take their first steps in this context by discovering all the secrets underlying such a marvellous passion.

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